Thursday, August 10, 2017

Myrtle Beach Pier

Myrtle Beach Pier   5 x 7    Acrylic  ©Sheila Ashley Liston

Myrtle Beach Pier framed

Sunrises are always awesome, but especially so at the beach!

I love the sights, sounds, and the smell of the salty breeze that one finds at the beach. My mind goes to how I might paint the whole experience. With a fascination for wave forms, I find myself studying most of them.  With my cell phone camera and my husband's photography, we can come away with subject matter for a very long time.

Even though I work mostly with pastels, I do enjoy acrylics as another way of expression. Actually if the truth be known, I've never met a medium that I didn't love! However, for the sake of focus, I have narrowed it down to these two for now.

This painting is done on a gessoed board and varnished with a UV protective solution. It is framed in a warm gray moulding that resembles driftwood. There is a white linen liner that separates the painting from the frame to allow a pleasing presentation.  

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