Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Sulphur Springs

Sulphur Springs   5 x 7¼    Pastel    $75     ©Sheila Ashley Liston

This is a favorite place of mine where the gentle sounds of flowing waters invite me to enjoy quiet reflection.

I love the entanglement of the roots that time has laid bare as they are the vessels delivering the lifeblood to the trees. Much water has tumbled across the shale creek bed and yet those roots remain strong and balanced. So many times nature tells an underlying story of one of life's truths. That is the importance of planting ourselves where we are firmly grounded, and staying true to our roots and our calling. 

Often time does not permit finishing a painting onsite. My aim is to lay the groundwork of the drawing and to begin to make color notes of the landscape. Here the painting is roughed in and the values are established using hard Nupastels early on.  Usually my husband or I take photos of the scene for reference as I work to finish the painting later. Back in the studio, I can correct any problems with the drawing in this stage. Next I begin to add colors, while I work to make the dark areas even darker and to make the light areas lighter to create a bit of contrast. I keep in mind where I want the focal point to be and there is where I place the most contrast. 

I was fortunate to have a picnic table nearby where I could sit and hold such a small painting while I worked. There was room there to lay out my palette of colors on the table. This is a rare experience that did not require packing the easel and all other supplies, as I have been at this site many times in the past.


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