Monday, July 3, 2017

 Sweet Peas In The Field   8.5 x 11.5   Pastel    Sheila Ashley Liston
Available $150

There's nothing like bringing back memories of another time through sweet peas by the roadside...

The evening sun had cast its warm glow across the field, and I knew then that this sight was destined to become a painting.

I wanted to try UArt 800 grit sanded pastel paper for the first time. Tones of black Inktense stick with water were used to establish values.

Then I used harder pastels (Nupastels and Rembrandt) to begin putting in local color.  I approached tentatively without knowing how many layers of pastel that the paper could hold. I finished the successive layers with softer Unison and Sennelier brands. I was happy with how the paper held many layers allowing detail especially in the foreground flowers. I will definitely use it again. I look forward to trying the coarser grits as well.

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