Sunday, July 16, 2017

Puppy and Wildflowers

Honey     8 x 6    Pastel      ©Sheila Ashley Liston
Available $145

Puppies and does it get any more fun to paint?

Forget-me-knots grow in the spring in my backyard. We had a visiting puppy with us for 2 weeks in late May. "Honey" was only 12 weeks old and so tiny that her head was just barely above the flowers. My husband, Bill,  took the photo opportunity as she ran and played in the midst of them.

Here are the progress shots of the painting from its beginning, to the point where I study it closely to see if it needs anything else. With a few touches in her fur and playing down the flowers directly under her chin, Honey was finished.( See the main photo)

 I used UArt 800 sanded pastel paper that I am beginning to love. The painting was started with a thin watercolor wash to establish the values. This made a nice start that allowed me to get the darks blocked in first. This method leaves plenty of sanded surface that accepts several successive layers of lighter colors and highlights. I worked to create depth by blurring the background flowers, even though the original photo shows sharper detail. I wanted sweet little Honey to be the main focal point.

 This was one of those paintings that cause me to giggle while I paint. I could feel that little furry head that just fit into my hand.  How fun is that?


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